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Benefits Of Roof Inspection To Assess Storm Damage

Your roof defends and protects your home from the sun, rain, winds, hail, and more. This is why prioritizing roof inspections are necessary. The elements can cause your roof to deteriorate even faster, so to ensure your roof is still able to protect you and your family for a long time, you need to take care of it. We recommend getting a professional roof inspection after a terrible storm to assess any damage and, if any, determine the best roofing solution.

How Can A Storm Damage Your Roof?

Different types of storms can cause damage to your roof, and the extent of this damage differs depending on the type of storm, as well as the condition of the roof before the storm. Here are the most common types of storm damage:

High Winds

Whether or not it is a tornado, high winds can still wreak havoc on your home. If string winds get underneath your roof, they are strong enough to blow the roof off, exposing vulnerable areas. This can result in further problems, especially when water comes in contact with these vulnerable areas. You can expect mold, roof rot, and even insulation damage.


Hail can come down in different sizes. From tiny pebbles to golf balls. If there’s a bad hailstorm in your area, contacting a professional is the best thing to do. Even the small pieces of hail are powerful enough to dent your vars and create small openings in your roof through which water can seep.

Heavy Rains

When exposed to heavy and constant rain, your roof can lose its surfacing over time. If you’ve experienced a hefty rainy season, get an inspection to know the current state of your roof.

Benefits Of A Roof Inspection After A Storm

The potential damage to your roof after a storm can cause major concern. Still, with a roofing assessment conducted by a professional, you can put your mind at rest because it comes with many benefits, some of which are as follows:

Early Detection Of Invisible Damage

While you may not be able to notice any problems with your roof after a storm, a trained eye can spot the invisible damage to your roof.

Proper Handling Of Insurance Claims

One good part of having a roofing inspection after a bad storm is that they make filing an insurance claim easy.

Faster And Cost-Effective Repair

When a roofing company assesses your roof, they can quickly determine and provide repair services before it worsens.

If you think your roof might have sustained some damage from a recent storm, It’s important to act fast to contain the damage so it doesn’t spread to other parts of your home.


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