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Homeowners who have experienced a severe hailstorm know just how much havoc that hail can cause; the tiny hail pellets can cause major damage when combined with high winds. 

Hail damage is not easy to identify; therefore, the damage is neglected and left to deteriorate, causing major roofing issues in the future. This article will give a few things on how to spot hail damage and what to do if your roof is damaged from a hailstorm.

How To Spot Hail Damage?

Hail can affect any area in your home, but the roof is most susceptible to hail damage because it’s exposed and is the first point of contact during hailstorms and all other adverse weather. Spotting roof hail damage could be difficult, and even the least severe storm can cause many problems for homeowners. 

There are fundamental visual inspections that the homeowner can carry out, but for a more thorough roof assessment, we advise contacting a roofing contractor who is licensed and experienced; they are more likely to know what to look for and know how to repair whatever damage is discovered during the roof inspection.

Chimney Cover Damage

When looking for hail dents, metallic chimney covers are a good place to look. Metal sheeting is prone to dents of different sizes. If you can’t see any indications of hail hits but suspect that your chimney cover might have taken a hit, you can make the dent more obvious by using chalk. Turn your chalk sideways and rub it across the surface of the cover.

Damaged Siding

After a hailstorm, check your roof siding for dents, cracks, or holes. These are clear signs that your roof has sustained damage from the hail impact.

Handling Hail Roof Damage

Call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof if you suspect your roof might have sustained some damage following a storm. It’s important to know that when these damages are ignored, they can worsen and cause leakage. Ultimately, your home will experience mold damage, electrical issues, etc. All of which are costly repairs.

To avoid this from spiraling out of control, be proactive; the moment you suspect there be hail damage, hire a roofing contractor you trust, one experienced when working on similar projects.

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