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Signs You Need A New Roof

It might not be easy to know when you need a roof replacement, and this is because the average homeowner does not check their roof every day. With so many other things fighting for our attention, it is easy to forget roof maintenance. However, you should know that not doing that can lead to many future problems.

Regular roof inspections are needed to catch early signs of damage. This way, you can repair any damage found before it worsens. Finding damages on time will save you many roof-related troubles and money in the long run.

Below Are Some Early Tell-tale Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair.

Water Damage

Signs of water damage, such as damp patches on your floors, can be assumed to be something else when it could indicate that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. You might be right to think that the watermarks could be from water coming in from the window during the last rainfall but don’t write off the idea that the water is from a hole or a crack in your roof.

Mould and Moss Growth

Another thing to look out for is moss and mold. Moss and mold could cause your roofing to begin to force themselves apart, leaving a gap through which water can seep.

Light Coming In Through Your Roof

If you notice that when the lights are off in your home yet, light is coming in through your roof, this is an indicator that you have cracked and holes in your roof. This needs to be fixed promptly.


The top of your roof should be in a straight line along the ridge. A sag in the middle means your roof has sustained structural damage, and this can cause your roof to collapse if ignored. Often, roof sagging is caused by constant exposure to moisture, improper installations, defective roofing materials, and too much weight for areas experiencing winter.

Gutters On The Ground

It is not uncommon for bits and pieces of roofing to fall off. After all, they are exposed all year round to extreme weather conditions. If you notice granules on the floor, it means the sealants that keep in place have become weakened, and you need to call your roofing contractor before they injure someone.

Other signs include rotting underlayment, an aging roof, damaged flashing, and much more. By highlighting these signs, we hope you understand why regular maintenance and inspections are necessary. The importance of a good roof cannot be overemphasized. Call a roofing contractor immediately if you detect any of the above signs.


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