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Roof coatings are a lot more practical alternative to a complete roof replacement if you want to avoid the hassle and high cost of replacing a roof. Our coatings are compatible with a wide variety of substrates, such as single-ply, metal, modified bitumen, built-up, and polyurethane foam roofs.

Our commercial roof coatings can save you a ton of money and time compared to the cost and difficulty of a full roof replacement. Imagine getting your roof fixed with as little interruption to your daily activities. This works for metal roofs as well as low-slope or flat ones.


  • Heat Reflection – Redirecting the sun’s rays away from the roof keeps the building’s interior cooler and more pleasant.
  • Energy Efficiency – Air conditioning will have to work less hard to keep the interior at a suitable temperature if the roof is cooler.
  • Waterproofing – Let it rain. A fluid-applied membrane roof will keep rain and puddles outside, protecting your property and people from the elements.
  • Improved Appearance – For older homes, this is a huge plus. You may improve your roof’s curb appeal without having to spend money replacing it.

Applying a liquid coating to an existing commercial roof can extend its life, reduce energy costs, and ensure that a business’s interior remains dry and comfortable.

GM Systems’ Custom Coatings has you covered all year long, rain or shine, with their comprehensive material and labor warranty and a team of trained roofers.


Would you like to determine whether a fluid-applied system can improve the condition of your roof? Get in touch with GS Systems to schedule a roof assessment of your commercial building in Joplin and find out if a spray-applied system is a good fit for your business’s requirements.

After over twenty years in the industry, we know exactly how to gain access to our clients’ roofs and give them the solutions they need to keep their roofs, homes, and buildings safe.

Make quick contact with GM Systems to start the roof painting process. We can determine the optimum spray-on method for your roof.

High Solids Silicone Roof Coatings IN JOPLIN, MO

High solids silicone roof coatings are a type of coating that is used to protect and repair roofs. These coatings are made with a high concentration of silicone, which makes them highly effective at sealing and waterproofing roofs.

They are also resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and weathering, making them ideal for use in a variety of climates and conditions. In addition to their durability and performance, high solids silicone roof coatings are also environmentally friendly, as they do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm the air quality or contribute to smog.

Overall, high solids silicone roof coatings are a reliable and sustainable solution for protecting and maintaining the integrity of roofs.


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